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  • Minimum Order on Fabrication is $200.00
  • Orders under $1,000 must be paid in full prior to production.
  • Orders over $1,000 may be paid with 50% deposit, 50% due upon completion.
  • All orders must be paid in full prior to will call, shipping or installation.
  • All invoices must be signed prior to fabrication. You may return your signed invoice along with your paper check, or fax it to 1-800-868-0283 or send a scan or photo of your signed invoice to
  • Please review your invoice carefully prior to payment.
  • Any returned check will incur a $75 handling fee.
  • Your quoted lead time begins upon receipt of payment.
  • Please note the shipdate (completion date) on your invoice and confirm prior to scheduling your installation.
  • Discount rates will be based upon volume of purchases during the previous 12 months.
  • Any order required within less than two weeks from payment is considered a Rush Order. Rush Orders may be accepted on a case by case basis depending on availability and if accepted will incur a 25% Rush Fee.

Terms of sale - effective 8/1/18

Pacifica Iron has the right to replace, amend, or revise these terms of sale at its discretion. All orders will be governed by the Terms Of Sale in effect at the time the order is put into production. We always strive to provide accurate information in our catalogs, price lists and website. Nevertheless, Pacifica Iron is not accountable for any errors or omissions, nor could Pacifica Iron take responsibility for any charges that may result from any errors or omissions on its part.


  • The prices (apart from Promotional Products) given are retail prices in USD and are FOB warehouse.
  • Pacifica Iron reserves the right to change the Prices and Terms of Sale without prior notice.
  • Prices and specifications given are subject to changes concerning the errors, omissions, and modifications that may be introduced.


  • We do not offer credit terms at this time. All orders are Proforma: Payments may be made by check or Credit Card (American Express, Visa, or MasterCard) at the time of order. Please fill out a credit card authorization form if you would like us to keep your card on file. All orders must be paid in full prior to will call, delivery, installation or shipping.
  • Orders under $1000 must be paid in full prior to going into production. Some orders $1000 and more may be commenced with a 50% deposit before the start of manufacturing and 50% due prior to release (upon approval only). At our discretion, Pacifica Iron may require full payment prior to production.
  • A $50.00 fee will apply for all returned checks.
  • Pacifica Iron has the right to review and introduce changes to accounts and ordering status at any time.
  • The customer will bear all the costs including legal or collection costs that may be incurred in curing past due accounts. These costs will be deducted from the account.
  • Customers may request a credit on incorrectly priced invoices or those with invoicing errors from Pacifica Iron in writing within 30 days of the invoice date.

New orders

  • To make certain order information is correct, we recommend you use the On Line Order Form to email all orders.
  • Before placing an order, review the Specification Guide for the products you are ordering.
  • Review your orders to ensure they are accurate and complete before sending.
  • Whenever order details are not provided prior to processing, Pacifica Iron’s best judgment will win.
  • Any errors or omissions on the order are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • At no time shall Pacifica Iron accept verbal orders.
  • Email, standard mail, and fax are the only means of sending an order.
  • Pacifica Iron will treat all orders received by 12:00 Noon Pacific Time as received on that working day. Orders will go into production upon receipt of payment or deposit.
  • Incomplete orders will be deemed to be received on the day when all the issues are addressed.
  • Customers who send duplicate orders will take full responsibility when such orders are executed.
  • Once an order is received, customers will wait for up to 72 hours to get an Order Confirmation from Pacifica Iron. Your order is not in production unless we have received your payment or deposit.
  • All clients with a real presence in California are expected to have valid Resale Certificates on their files with Pacifica Iron. California customers without valid certificates on their files with Pacifica Iron will be charged a Sales Tax on their orders.

Order changes, Revisions, Cancellations and Holds

  • All orders are hand-made, custom to order. Consequently, Pacifica Iron will not accept any cancellations of items that have already been fabricated. The amount of time it takes to fabricate an order varies depending on the work load. Please call as soon as possible if you need to change or cancel your order.
  • All revisions and changes MUST be communicated in writing. Moreover, they should only be submitted through fax or email. If you have not received a revised estimate / invoice, we have not received your revisions. Please follow up.
  • Revisions and changes by a customer are only accepted in the first three working days after order receipt.
  • For rush orders, changes and revisions are not accepted after 24 hours order receipt.
  • There are no charges for altering shipping instructions prior to the planned ship date.
  • The completion date may change if the customer makes changes or revisions to the order.
  • The ship date or completion date provided at the start of your order is an estimate. Please confirm completion dates prior to scheduling your installation.
  • Pacifica Iron will refund the portion of your order that has not been fabricated with a 20% handling fee.
  • Cancellation or holding is not applicable on rush orders.
  • Cancellation or hold requests MUST only be sent in writing. If we have not sent you a written confirmation, your cancellation or hold request is not in our system. Please follow up.

Production / Delivery

  • The completion date shown on the invoice is an estimated completion date. Please confirm dates prior to scheduling your installation.
  • typical lead time is 2 weeks from receipt of payment. This standard is an estimate and can change depending on the number of orders we have. Plating, hand painting and any other special handling will add to the standard lead time.
  • Rush orders are not accepted on a case by case basis. We try our best to accommodate everyone. However, there are times when we simply do not have the capacity for a rush order. Pacifica Iron reserves the right to reject rush orders.
  • The standard charges for rush orders are as follows:
    1. RUSH: 7 working days shipping after order receipt is possible at 25% upcharge.
    2. HOT RUSH: Orders shipped five business days after receipt are possible at 50% upcharge.
    3. HOT HOT RUSH: 100% upcharge on 72-hour shipping orders.
  • The planned ship dates depend on production variables hence they are difficult to expedite. Any date changes will attract the charges explained above.
  • When determining scheduled ship dates, Pacifica Iron considers the nature of the order. Large and non-standard orders may need more time.
  • We price all orders for FOB warehouse.
  • We typically operate on a will call basis. If you need shipping or delivery, please call to arrange.
  • We offer local delivery for an extra charge and based upon availability.
  • We can ship within the united states depending on the type of order. Please call to arrange.
  • Delivery and shipping fees are charged on customer's account.
  • Shipping charges are inclusive of handling and packing charges. When a customer requests to have the shipping fees to be charged on his or her shipping account such as FedEx and UPS or trucking company account, Pacifica Iron will charge for packaging only which will be 2% of net invoice fee.
  • Pacifica Iron will introduce an extra charge on any order that may need extra packaging and/or special handling.

Will call orders

  • The due date indicated on the sales order confirmation shows the estimated date that an order will be ready for Will Call - at the END of that working day.
  • You will receive an email indicating your order is “ready for will call.” If you have not received an email, please call to confirm your order is ready prior to coming to will call.
  • All orders must be paid in full before they will be released from the warehouse.
  • You should collect your Will Call orders within two weeks after completion.
  • A customer who fails to collect a Will Call order three weeks after the completion will incur a weekly stocking charge of $20.00.
  • Pacifica Iron will return all the uncollected Will Call orders after six weeks to the inventory, and the customer will be subjected to a 50% production charge.

Return policy

  • Pacifica Iron will not accept any product back without prior authorization. All customers are advised to Pacifica Iron in advance regarding any issue before returning the merchandise. Because all orders are custom fabrication with custom finishes, there are very limited instances in which we will accept returns.
  • Pacifica Iron will issue a call tag to collect the package to be returned if it is discovered that the return was because of Pacifica Iron error or omission.
  • The customer will incur all the carrying charges on all returns except for defective or damaged products.
  • Apart from defects and damages:
    1. Return is not allowed for custom orders made using a client's specifications
    2. Pacifica Iron does not accept back rods cut to client's directions.
  • Pacifica Iron will never issue a credit card, check, or cash refund. Instead, the credit for restocked items is "on account." Consequently, the credit is applied against open invoices or the next order.
  • Pacifica Iron will not accept any return requests 30 days after the invoice date.

Defective merchandise

  • The customer MUST check any orders upon receipt.
  • The customer MUST report any defective or missing item within the first week to Pacifica Iron.
  • The customer should not accept any package with visible damage or open and appearing like it is missing items.
  • The customer should contact Pacifica Iron about missing packages within 48 hours of receipt of a product.
  • All responsibilities related to shipping claims will be taken by Pacifica Iron if our shipping account is used. If the customer’s shipping account is used, we do not have access to the information necessary to place a claim and the customer must take responsibility for filing shipping claims in that case.
  • In case of a defective product, Pacifica Iron will repair or replace at our discretion.
  • Pacifica Iron will take responsibility for the freight charges incurred when returning a defective productive. We will issue a call tag for the items to be picked up in the same packaging they were originally shipped in.
  • The freight charge will be transferred to the customer if, upon examination, it is established that the returned product is NOT defective.


  • Pacifica Iron provides professional drapery hardware components. We do not provide installation instructions or instructional aides. It is highly recommended that our products are installed by an experienced professional.
  • It is crucial to the safety and integrity of our product for you to ensure that all Pacifica Iron products are installed correctly.
  • Pacifica Iron is not responsible for any cost incurred during installation. This includes any damage to surrounding areas due to incorrect handling or installation and any damage to our product due to incorrect handling or installation.


  • Given that all the finishes are done by hand, some variation in tone and appearance is to be expected.
  • Finishes are included in Pacifica Iron's paper and online catalogs. Please go through the price list for finish groups.
  • Pacifica Iron may custom match custom finishes on a case by case basis.
  • A custom finish strike-off will be provided at a one-time charge of $40.00 and must be approved prior to finishing the order.
  • Custom finish orders will take longer than the standard lead time. Please call to discuss lead time prior to placing the order.
  • Custom finishes will be priced at our discretion. Pricing must be approved prior to making strike-off.
  • To get a more accurate representation of the true tones, lusters, and depths of Pacifica Iron's finishes, we can provide standard finish samples at a nominal price. Although lithographic reproductions available online or in the catalog may be easily accessible, they may not be an accurate representation of the finishes.

Custom orders

  • Pacifica Iron is a Custom Drapery Hardware Fabricator. We have the ability to manufacture many custom products not listed in our catalog or website. If you need a product of a certain specification, please contact us.
  • When a customer requires a product that varies from the features published in Pacifica Iron catalogs and website, he or she must know the prices of those products may differ from our standard price list. This cost is added to the item's standard price and will be provided as an estimate prior to ordering.


  • For all products free of manufacturing defects, Pacifica Iron offers a five-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Pacifica Iron's warranty does not cover damage due to mishandling, normal wear and tear, misuse, or damage due to harsh climatic conditions.
  • The warranty only covers items that Pacifica Iron has manufactured and NOT the surrounding area.